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Name:             Douglas L. Gomes, President

Education:      BSME, University of Hawaii 1970

Registration:  Civil and Mechanical Branches, State of Hawaii, 1974

Experience:    Sunn, Low, Tom & Hara Inc. 1964 to1966 and 1970 to 1974

                        Land and Construction Company 1974 to 1982

                        ECM Inc. 1982 to 1995

                        Engineering Dynamics Corp. 1995 to present

Over 34 years of experience in all aspects of planning, design and construction of civil and mechanical systems.  Civil engineering experience includes the design of subdivisions, commercial site development, water and wastewater treatment systems.  Mechanical experience include the design of plumbing systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, fire sprinklers and process piping.

Name:              Ty Miyabuchi, Secretary

Education:       BSME, University of Hawaii, 1992

Registration:   Civil Branch, State of Hawaii, 1997

Experience:     ECM Inc. 1992 to 1995

                         Engineering Dynamics Corp. 1995 to present

Ty has worked on numerous civil and mechanical projects and is responsible principal for the Honolulu office.  His experience in mechanical systems includes the design of plumbing, air conditioning and ventilation systems, and fire sprinkler design.  Civil experience include engineering reports, drainage and soil erosion reports, grading and site geometric, roadway plan and profiles, intersection design, utilities, specifications, cost estimates and site inspections.

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